Zanzibar – Stone Town!

After trying out multiple approaches to avoid making you all jealous, I decided there was simply no way around it – you can’t undersell a sight like this! Where is this? A remote beach in a remote corner of an island off the coast of Tanzania! Ok but wait, how did I get here? Since …

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Tanzania tidbits: Dar part 2!

One of those mish-mash posts of three rather unrelated topics 🙂  Ah well, bear with me- next post will be on Zanzibar! Weekends with awesome friends! There are perks to this semi-tropical environment: one lovely thing about Dar is on a weekend, you can hop on a little boat and 30 minutes later, you reach …

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Rather than my traditional mile-long posts, decided to post some short snippets since I'm back in Bangalore at the moment! My friends (who live in urban Bangalore, mind you) found a COBRA on their front steps last week!! But it was only a "baby" cobra (3 feet long) so that's clearly fine 😮 Given it's …

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