Kerala – Alleppey!

It was difficult to leave the radiant souls and surroundings of Panchgani so soon, but it was time for the next stage of the journey. Kerala or bust! Spent most of the day traveling, by bus-rickshaw-plane-plane-bus-bus-rickshaw... so it was wonderful to finally reach the end of the journey around 11 at night. I'd asked the …

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Wedding part 2 + Panchgani

In the morning, friends and relatives of the bride gathered in Gaurvika’s parents' apartment in Pune. We were joined by a pandit (priest), who led various family members through a 2-hour long pooja ceremony to bring blessings upon the couple and their family. The small altar filled with gold statues, fruit and marigold flowers looked …

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Addis April showers- Getting home

After a friend posted this video... reminded me of the craziness of Addis driving... and with all the rain we've been getting here in Boston lately, I thought back to a particularly eventful night from last year around this time. I feel like this incident perfectly illustrates how the most routine things - …

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