Dusting off and stretching up!

Something in the air told me it’s time to restart this blog again. For several reasons: I’ve been lucky enough to have made a few mini-trips over the last year or two… but also as a way to remember and cherish the beauty that is Boston. And even though I’m often perplexed why anyone except maybe my mom would be interested in the random musings I’ve jotted down in my journal, WordPress tells me this blog is still getting plenty of hits from all over the world! So that was another encouragement to get it going again. Finally, in an age where differences threaten to divide us, I hope that these tales of life across our small planet will be a reminder to see those differences as a source of beauty, and of how much more we have in common.

I’ll start with some of the trips – to India, Ecuador, Malaysia, Turkey – then return to New England. Or maybe hop between them… who knows! Hope you enjoy the journey 🙂

Time for new growth 🙂

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