Work & newborn health 101

Started work at the office; I’m working in the division of Save the Children called “Saving Newborn Lives” that focuses on newborn health. Just to give a quick background, the first month of life is a really high risk period for children; many babies die from infections and complications from being born too early. Some of this risk can be lowered with pretty low-tech practices, like keeping the baby dry and warm (instead of giving it a bath) and breastfeeding it right away (instead of waiting for a day or two). I’ll give more random tidbits later but the general aim of this program (and 19 other countries that Saving Newborn Lives works in) is to reduce newborn mortality.  This program has been doing activities to promote newborn health in Malawi for the last 3 years and at the end of August there will be a big evaluation to see whether those activities were successful. I’m helping get documents compiled for that evaluation.


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